S 40.2-P

Automatic tyre changer

Automatic leverless tyre changer for auto and van, equipped with pneumatic bead breaking double-acting cylinder integrated in the machine body  and kit of 3-positions bead pressing arms.

The machine is supplied in four different motorisations.

Helicoidal motion of the vertical column and manual descent of the operating arm.

Self-centering plate with clamping capacity from 11 to 27 inches.

TECHNICAL DATA         S 40.2 - P
Clamping capacity 11" - 27"
External clamping 11" - 24"
Internal clamping 14" - 27"
Max. wheel diameter 1110 mm (43")
Max. wheel width 350 mm (13.5")
Turntable speed

7/14 rpm

Noise level <70±3 dB(A)
Electric power supply  1ph-0.75 KW (1.0 Hp) 200/230V - 50/60 Hz
Working pressure 8-10 Bar (116-145 psi)
Net weight Kg 405

Self-centering turntable 11"-28" inches

  • Two cylinders 75 mm diameter
  • Clamping rods with wraparound geometry
  • Variable rotation speed (motoinverter)

Helping pneumatic pressor device (right and left)

  • 3-positions pressing arms 
  • Arms assembled on sliding slides 

Pneumatic bead breaker 

  • Double-acting cylinder (diam. 200 mm)

Extractable foot control  

Adjustable/customizable rotation speed of the vertical column 

Standard pedal inflation device 

Machines available in red RAL3002 or blue RAL5015 colors (without extra-charge)