Automatic tyre changer

Leverless automatic tyre changer with central post for cars and vans. 

Equipped with double breaking discs, pneumatic descent of the operating arm, pressing arm, pneumatic wheel lifter and automatic post positioning.

Pneumatic locking device of the wheel on the post.

Helicoidal movement of the vertical column. Standard pedal inflation.

The central post has a clamping capacity from 12 to 30 inches and variable rotation speed obtained through a reliable motoinverter. 

TECHNICAL DATA        S 60.2
Operating capacity 12-30
Max. wheel diameter 1300 mm (51)
Max. wheel width 335 mm (13)
Central post rotation speed 7/14 rpm
Noise level <70±3 dB(A)
Electric power supply 1 ph - 0.75 KW (1.0 Hp) 200/230V - 50/60 Hz
Working pressure 8 - 10 bar (116 - 145 psi)
Bead breaking system Two indipendent discs
Wheel locking Pneumatic ring nut
Inflating system foot controlled
Max. inflating pressure 3,5 bar (50 PSI)

Central post 

  • Pneumatic ring nut 
  • Variable rotation speed (motoinverter) 
  • Optional locking accessories for rims with non-standard  geometries

Standard pneumatic pressing arm 

Bead breaking discs with independent controls

Ergonomic control console with small dimensions

Pneumatic wheel lifter  

  • pedal controlled

Extractable foot control  

Adjustable/customizable vertical column rotation speed  

Standard pedal inflation device 

Machines available in red RAL3002 or blue RAL5015 colors (without extra-charge)



Tape-a-weight removal tool


Bead pressing clamp


Rim edge plastic protection

 Small iron cone

42-78 mm

 Large Iron cone

41-118 mm

3 Protections

for cone 41-118 mm

3+3 Protections

for Leverless tool

 Standard pneumatic pressing arm

Standard pneumatic wheel lifter